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What We Do

We’re creating a demonstration site for industry with Harvest Road’s integrated beef supply chain.

We’re participating in research to define contemporary standards.

We’re developing an accreditation scheme with industry partners, to signal a higher welfare benchmark to the general public.

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Long-haul Transport Welfare

The reality of operating in Western Australia and other parts of Australia requires cattle to travel long distances. Harvest Road are working with Murdoch University to support a research project to ascertain the impact on cattle welfare of intermittent rest periods during long-haul transport. The study will deliver a better understanding of the welfare outcomes for cattle as well as meat quality impacts.

Animal Welfare Workforce Development and Training

Advances in cattle welfare will be dependent on the people involved. Animal handlers require not only a range of well-developed husbandry skills and knowledge, but also the attitudes and motivation to use these skills and knowledge to effectively and humanely care for their animals. This project proposes to go beyond information sharing and develop a tool to assess and change attitudes and behaviours in conjunction with that knowledge to maximise an optimum environment for cattle free of fear.

“Very early in my career, I made the mistake that most engineers make, thinking engineering will replace management. I thought I could build self-managing cattle handling facilities. I learned that while equipment and how it works is important, it’s the people side of the equation that’s critical.”

Dr Temple Grandin